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which is messier my life or my hair

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“Cuando llega el momento de decir “hasta la próxima” las cosas se vuelven difícil, la distancia te parece extensa, el tiempo una eternidad y se te viene a la mente todo lo que pasaste en el momento que estuviste acompañada.
Pero todo eso dura tan solo el viaje de un destino a otro. Cuando llegas a puerto todo cambia, las cosas vuelven a ser igual que antes de irte y te parece que lo que viviste pasó en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.
Pero así son las cosas, así es la vida. Hay distancia, hay destinos separados, hay aventuras, hay momentos, hay anécdotas… hay sentimientos, y eso es lo único que importa. Eso es lo que une, lo que te hace sentir cerca, lo que te hace sentir acompañada… lo que te demuestra que pase lo que pase no estás solo a pesar de que lo creas.
Así que no temas decir un hasta la próxima cuando el sentimiento es grande, el amor eterno y sabes que no es un hasta nunca.”
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Beckett knows what she wants

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Mayim Bialik - ALS Ice Bucket challenge. x 

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I think we all know who needs to play Robin in the biographical film Hollywood is sure to make about him (if they haven’t already). 

Baby. Sweetie. Honey.


Fic request: Can you write a fanfic where Lydia spends the night at Stiles’ place (as friends (maybe studying), then she doesn’t have time to get home and change so she has to wear siles’s shirt… All of their friends think something happend that night so Allison talks to Stiles abaut Lydias fellings for him -that Lydia loves him and that she-Alison is happy for them (except she doesnt know that nothing happend). Then he talks to Lydia abaut what Allison told him and they confess their love for eachother.

Author’s note: It turned out maybe just a little longer, but I really enjoyed writing it, especially with all that’s going on, I miss some Stydia fluff.

“Okay, again.”

“No..!” Stiles whined and rolled on his bed, burying his face in the pile of pillows, which now smelled like flowers and perfume. Agh. He couldn’t get enough of Lydia’s scent. It was distracting and addicting, and hauntingly beautiful to him.

Kind of like Lydia.

“C’mon!” She laughed and walked to his bed. She closed her Biology book and playfully hit his upper leg.

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Who else loved this scene? 😍❤️


Who else loved this scene? 😍❤️


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